Impact Evaluations of the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) projects (2007)

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by: Van der Gaag, J.

Global poverty is pervasive. Despite the fact that the world has more resources available than during any time in the history of mankind, more than one billion people eek out a meager subsistence on one dollar a day. And despite the efforts of the entire development community, which adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's), the previous statement will, given current projections, be just as true in 2015, when the MDG's are supposed to have been reached, as it is today: we are continuously faced with the challenge to improve the living conditions of more than one billion people who suffer from extreme poverty and its correlates.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Why impact evaluation?
3. What is so special about impact evaluation?
4. Alternative set-up for impact evaluation.
5. The general set-up of impact evaluation studies for the HIF projects
6. What questions will be answered?
7. What questions can be better (and cheaper) answered in another way?
8. Conclusion

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